Whether your needs are decorative, security, sound insulation, retaining, wind or fire protection, All Day Fencing can provide the perfect solution! Bring the beauty of the Australian bush into your backyard with our range of natural brush fences, or modernise your home with our new timber slat fences and screens. All Day Fencing, supply and install brushwood, tea tree, steel and timber fencing and gates to all areas. Pool fencing, gazebos, decks and pergolas.

Fencing can be constructed from many different materials including timberbricksteelbrushwoodglassstone even natural planting or prefabricated materials. For some, fences are a matter of art and there are no limitations on the materials or styles used.

From our website you can design your fenceestimate the cost and order a quotation online. You can also download the dividing fences act, and check on your local council requirements and neighbour obligations.

Paling Fences
Paling fences are available in both treated pine and hardwood and can be built in heights up to 2.1m. (Most councils require approval for dividing fences over 1.8 metres). Paling fences are available in three designs, standard paling, lapped paling and lap and cap paling. The posts can be timber or galvanized steel. More information.

Picket Fences
Picket fences can be constructed using wood, aluminium or steel and can incorporate wood or brick posts in a range of styles and finishes. Picket fences can be ‘open’ or ‘closed’ designs (with or without a frame and capping) and are usually supplied primed and ready for a top coat of paint. Closed picket designs are also referred to as balustrades and are usually located around pergolas or outdoor structures, they are also becoming increasingly popular as front fences. More information.

Timber Gates
All Day Fencing manufacture a range of gates from simple wood panelling to solid timber gates in Federation, Victorian, Colonial and modern designs. Constructed from primed and treated timbers these gates are long lasting and attractive. More information.

Horizontal Slat Screens and Fences
Slat screens can be fixed over existing walls and fences and are ideal for privacy screens and shade screens. Modernise your home with the new range of stained timber screens and fences! Or enjoy the architectural look of metal slat screens and fencing. Metal and timber horizontal slat fencing is also used as infill panels on brick / composite fences. More Information.

Balistrades and Handrails
Balustrades are defined as having a top handrail, pickets and a bottom rail suspended above the ground or floor. Suitable for verandahs, pergolas, gazebos, stairs, general fencing and external structures, balustrades are supported by posts or walls at either end. Pre-primed and treated handrails and balistrades are available for both internal and external applications. Balustrades are suitable for Federation, Victorian, Heritage or contemporary designs. More information.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls may look like simple stacked stone, blocks, plynths or logs. But in fact, they’re carefully engineered systems that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. They restrain tons of saturated soil that would otherwise slump and slide away from a foundation or damage the surrounding landscape. More Information.

Decks and Pergola’s
All Day Fencing can combine your fence, pergola and decks to create a uniform transformation of your property. Choose or match your preferred style from our menu and call or email us for a quotation.

Frameless Glass
Retain your view! 10mm or 12mm Toughened Glass Safety Pool Fencing can secure your pool areas without hiding the view!! Glass pool fencing is installed with anodised stainless steel fittings for durability, ease of installation and good looks. More information.

Brushwood Fencing
Brushwood fencing ‘Melaleuca Uncinata’, (also known as brush, broombrush and natural bush fencing) has fantastic insect resistant qualities and is very durable with an expected lifespan of up to 20 years. Its natural appearance makes small spaces feel larger. Brushwood fencing rates highly for its sound reduction properties and is often used in townhouses to reduce reflective noise. Click on the pictures for more information.

Tea-tree Fences & Screens
Tea Tree, ‘Melaleuca’, (also known as paperbark), is suitable for external application without chemical preservatives or special treatments. The high oil content of Tea Tree provides a long lasting and durable protection against decay and helps maintain the rugged good looks without fading or cracking. Unique in appearance, nothing matches the beauty of Tea Tree fencing.

Huts and Gazebos
All Day Fencing can manufacture and install pacific styled huts, gazebos and pergolas. We also thatch existing pergolas, gazebos and features for entertainment areas. DIY kits available.

Fencing Supplies
All Day Fencing supply tea-tree, brushwood and timber fencing supplies to the Sydney Metropolitan area. We supply brushwood and tea-tree bundles for builders, tradesmen and handymen when in season. Call for an obligation free quote.

Do It Yourself building plans and guides
Do it yourself and save with our range of construction guides and plans for all external projects around the home. Download plans, illustrations, construction guides and more from our online store.