Composite Fence Designs

Combining Timber and Masonry

Composite fence designs combine various materials such as brick, stone, steel or timber. Usually consisting of a timber or steel picket panel inserted between brick or stone piers. Composite designs make use of decorative masonry piers, usually with a capping. Decorative masonry piers can be made from stone, reconstituted stone or brick and cement render.

Composite fencing often includes  retaining walls or other structures. Fence designs such as  picket paling and

timber slat can all be combined with brick or stone fence piers.

All Day Fencing manufacture a range of custom timber gates in contemporary and period designs. All gates are custom made to the size required at no extra cost. Our custom timber gates are made from ‘Design Pine’ which is primed and treated and offers a 25 year warranty against decay, rot or insect attack! All gates can be mounted in either a swing or sliding configuration. We also supply gates direct to most states and regional areas, (except WA).

Feature fencing can be combined with our range of entrance pergolas to add privacy, security and style.Entrance pergolas can be made to any size and can be fitted to timber, steel and masonry fencing. View our section on Entrance Pergolas for more informstion about combining a pergola to your feature fencing.