Nice RobusKit 400  RB400KCENice RobusKit 400
Sliding Gate Operator Kit - RB400KCE
Nice RobusKit 400  RB400KCE

            Item ADF0810

Nice RobusKit 400

Nice RobusKit 400

Quality European Design
Quite gear motor on bearings
Servicing Available Australia Wide
User Friendly Nice BlueBUS technology
Built-in Obstacle Detection System
Control, up to 7 pairs of photocells
Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
Can operate 2 leaf systems
Compatible with home automation.
Pressure die cast aluminum and epoxy paint finish
Easy DIY Instalation

*Electrician Required for mains power

Nice RobusKit 400  RB400KCE $978

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Nice RB400 Users Manual

Nice RobusKit RB400