Nice Wingo2024KCE

Double Swing Gate Kit – Nice WINGO3524KCE

Item ADF0821


2 � Operator for swing gates NICE Wingo WG4024
WG4024 1 � Control board NICE MC424 MC424
1 � Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXI SMXI
2 � NICE Flor FLO2R remote transmitter FLO2R

Suitable for gates up to 3.5 metres.

Nice WINGO3524KCE Double Swing Gate Operator Kit

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Nice WINGO3524KCE Double Swing Gate Operator Kit. The Kit includes:

For swing gates with leaves up to 3.5 m, surface mounted.
24 Vdc electromechanical gear motor.
Compatible for operation with Solemyo system.
Patented layout of the internal components
fewer moving parts means greater reliability and quiet operation.
Easy to install
User-friendly release
Personalised Nice key or standard lock (optional).
Pre-assembled, travel stops PLA13 on opening.

Electrical data
Power supply 24 Vdc
Absorption 3.5 A
Power 85 W
Built-in capacitor – �F
Performance data
Speed 0.018 m/s
Force 1500 N
Work cycle 30 cycles/hour
Dimensions and general data
Protection level 44 IP
Working temperature -20�C � 55�C �C Min/Max
Dimensions 77x98x95 mm
Weight 17 kg
Control board NICE MC424
Power supply 230 � 10% Vac 50/60Hz
Battery power 21 � 28 Vdc
Maximum motor power 75VA, 3A
Maximum accessories power 24V, 0.2�0.1A
Maximum flashing light power 24V, 25W
Maximum gate open indicator power CA 24V, 2W
Maximum electric lock power 12Vac, 15A
Pause time TP 5 � 80 s
Opening delay time TRA 5 � 40% TL s
Pre-flashing time TPre 3 %
Anti-crushing device 1 � 6 sensitivity
Case dimensions 230x125x300 mm
Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXI
Decoding Rolling code, 52 bit FLOR
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Input impedance 64 ohm
Outputs 4 (on connector SMXI)
Sensitivity better than 0.5�V
Working temperature -10�C � +55�C
Transmitter compatibility FLOR, VERY VR
NICE Flor FLO2R remote transmitter
Number of channels 2
Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz �100 KHz
Estimated range 150 – 200 m with a tuned aerial in a free area
Coding digital 52 bit (4.5 million billion combinations)
Power supply 12 Vdc + 20% – 40% with 23 A battery
Average absorption 25 mA
Dimensions 72x40x15 mm


Nice Toona 4   Double Swing Gate Operator


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