Nice RobusKit 400

UP TO 400Kg’s


Quality European Design
Quite gear motor on bearings
Servicing Available Australia Wide
User Friendly Nice BlueBUS technology
Built-in Obstacle Detection System
Control, up to 7 pairs of photocells
Adjustable acceleration and deceleration
Can operate 2 leaf systems
Compatible with home automation.
Pressure die cast aluminum and epoxy paint finish
Easy DIY Instalation

*Electrician Required for mains power

Nice RobusKit 400  RB400KCE $978




Nice RobusKit 400

Nice RB400 gate operator

2 Remote Controls

MLBT flashing light

4 x 1m Gate Motor Rack

Suitable for gates up to 400 KGS.

Nice RobusKit 400 – RB400KCE Sliding Gate Operator Kit

Pinion Z: 15
Module: 4
Pitch: 12.6mm
Pitch diameter: 60mm
Peak thrust 18 Nm
Nominal torque 9 Nm
Peak thrust corresponding to the ability to develope a force capable of moving the leaf 600 N
Nominal torque corresponding to the ability to develope a force capable of maintaining the movement of the leaf 300 N
Nominal torque speed 0.15 m/s
Idling speed (the control unit allows 6 speeds to be programmed, approx. equal to: 100, 85, 70, 55, 45, 30%) 70, 55, 45, 30% 0.31 m/s
Maximum frequency of operating cycles (nominal torque) 100 cycles / day
Maximum continuous operating time (nominal torque) 7 minutes
Durability Estimated between 20,000 and 250,000 cycles
Power supply 230Vac (+10% -15%) 50/60Hz
Thrust maximum absorbed power 515W (2.5A)
Insulation class 1 (a safety grounding system is required)
Emergency power supply With PS124 optional accessory
Flashing light output For 2 LUCYB flashing lights (12V, 21 W lamp)
Open Gate Indicator Output For one 24V maximum 4W bulb (the output voltage may vary between �30 and +50% and can also control small relays
BLUEBUS Output One output with a maximum load of 15 BlueBus units
STOP input For normally open contacts, for 8,2K?; constant resistance, or normally closed contacts; with self-recognition (any variation from the memorized status causes the �STOP� command)
Step-by-step Input For normally open contacts (the closing of the contact causes the �STEP-BY-STEP� command)
OPEN input For normally open contacts (the closing of the contact causes the �OPEN� command)
CLOSE input For normally open contacts (the closing of the contact causes the �CLOSE� command)
Radio connector �SM� connector for SMXI, SMXIS or OXI receivers
Radio AERIAL Input 52?for RG58 or similar type of cable
Programmable functions 8 ON-OFF functions and 8 adjustable functions
Self-Recognition functions Self-recognition of the type of �STOP� device (Normally Open, Normally Closed contact or 8,2K?) Self-recognition of the gate length and calculation of the deceleration points and the partial opening point.
Operating temperature -20�C � +50�C
Use in acid, saline or potentially explosive atmosphere No
Protection class IP 44
Dimensions 330 � 210 � 303 mm
Weight 11 kg
Plug-in radio receiver NICE SMXIS
Decoding Rolling code, 64 bit SMILO
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Input impedance 52 ohm
Outputs 4 (on connector SMXI)
Sensitivity better than 0.5�V
Working temperature -10�C � +55�C
Transmitter compatibility SMILO
NICE Smilo SM2 remote transmitter
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Coding 64-bit digital (18 billion, billion combinations)
Radiated power 100 �W
Number of buttons 2
Power input 12Vdc +20% -40% with a 23A type battery
Average absorption 25 mA
Working temperature -40�C � +85�C
Dimensions � 48 � 14 mm
Weight 18 g

Mounting Vertically wall-mounted
Protection class for casing IP55
Weight 50g

Nice RB400 Users Manual

Nice RobusKit RB400


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