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Huge cash flow, ongoing work leads, professional office support and potential to expand makes this new franchise opportunity a must for your consideration.

Become an All Day Fencing Franchisee and start manging a business rather than it managing you!

If you work for yourself in the trades and services sector, you would already realise the difficulty of combining the physical aspect of your job with the office demands. Nearly 50% of small business in Australia, fail within the first year due mainly to unexpected set-up costs, excessive demands and short term cash flow problems. Using our exclusive business plan, proven system and professional back up support your business is poised to succeed!

*Do you spend long hours chasing work and doing quotations without results? *Do you have trouble getting paid? *Do you often think that with better co-ordination you could double or even triple your income?

Most tradesmen spend a fortune on advertising alone and often don�t have the time to answer the calls or do the quotes! Would you like to;


This system has been established from over 30 years experience by fence builders and carpenters with the intention of simplifying the day to day running of your fencing contractors franchise - and increase the profits!

All Day Fencing provide the professional office back up to increase your sales and help you run your business efficiently. With our system your sales will increase and your work will decrease, you will be able to move into management and expand as required, or keep it as a small one man enterprise if desired.

How does it work?

By using the one phone number 1300 6 FENCE (1300 633 623) combined with our national advertising campaign, we field calls from all over Australia. Our receptionist answers and sorts the calls, providing a booking straight to your online calendar, message to your email, or a text message to your mobile phone.

All calls are answered by our experienced staff who can resolve issues, inquiries and sort the buyers from the �tyre kickers�. Using our detailed website customers can choose a design and estimate the price before calling!

Once the client has been �qualified� (screened for suitability, aware of approximate pricing and product) the secretary books a quote into your �live� online calendar, accessible from any internet connection (and most mobile phones!). After hours callers are informed of business operating hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and are sent to the website where they can order an online quotation if required, or leave a message. This message will be left as an email message at your chosen email address. You may choose the hours and days you wish to do onsite quotations. Your daily schedule will be sent to your mobile phone by email each morning at around 5:30am so you always have your work details with you, even when you don�t have a computer handy.

Customers who book a quotation online are first called by the secretary before booking a quotation into your online calendar! Customers who require written quotes for paling or lap�n�cap fencing can fill out an order form at our website and receive a written quotation, based on our advertised rates without the necessity of a prior site inspection.

With this system you will never miss a work call again, nor will you have to answer them! Your bookings will escalate and you will be able to concentrate on the management of your projects, without working overtime!

We will also send you relevant government tenders and commercial jobs as well as the normal requests from residential projects for your area as they are received.

What am I spending now?

Having worked in the trades for over 20 years, and servicing all my own clients, it soon became apparent that I was working far too hard and not earning enough for my effort.

There is no golden secret to being a success at business, as everyone knows it is just a matter of servicing the customer. The problem with the trades is that the customer requires a high level of information and communication before choosing a contractor and the contractor does not have the time to devote to the large number of quotes he is required to do.

A typical tradesman spends over $160 per week (averaged over a year, see below), attempting to get work, not including the late nights spent working out quotes and calling customers!

Below is a list of average weekly costs a tradesman would spend;

Advertising $ 27.50
Business cards $ 2.50
YellowPink Pages $ 24.10
Site signage $ 4.50
Telephone $ 30.00
Message service $ 22.00
Stationary/forms $ 6.50
Car advertising $ 8.00
Petrol quoting $ 40.00
Website management $ 18.50
Internet Advertising $ 9.00
Workcover clothing $ 4.00
Logos design etc $ 3.20
Estimated total $ 198.70 (plus GST)

At All Day Fencing we have designed the ideal system to present a professional front for your business and service the customers to the level they require without costing a fortune. In fact, our system will save you money, create more work opportunities and help you organise your work schedule with far less effort for far more reward!

Our online quotation forms, product books and regularly updated pricelists take the guess work out of pricing jobs, enabling you to write out an accurate quotation onsite in minutes.

Currently, with this system, up to 50% of our work is approved without any prior site visit!


We are offering 3 only franchises at very low introductory prices.
(available to all areas, details below)



Top 10 ranked website with Google, Yahoo, Altavista and many more,
32,000 hits in 12 months for the Sydney area alone,
Online design service with examples, photos of finished projects and downloadable DIY manuals for helping with the design and maintenance of fence products,
Automatic email forms to order onsite quotations,
Automatic estimating system for paling fence quotes, (no need to visit the site)
Free legal information on fence laws and obligations,
Product information book regularly upgraded and sent to your email, (used for onsite quotations).
Self help estimating guide to take the guesswork out of pricing,
Pricing and cost sheets which are updated quarterly and sent to your email.


Local services and trades publication editorials,
Local newspaper editorials and feature articles,
Master Builders Association contractor register,
Housing Industry of Australia contractor register,
Google �adwords� target internet advertising,
Direct marketing to builders, landscape architects, real estate agents and more,

Secretarial services

1300 priority phone number (1300 6 FENCE, 1300 633 623)
Live receptionist answers the phone from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Receptionist screens calls and sends clients seeking information direct to the website.
Emailed quote requests are checked twice daily and booked into your online calendar,
Unanswered calls to your mobile will be diverted to the receptionist.
Message Answering Service (out of work hours 7 days),
Messages are sent to your nominated email address,
Onsite quotations are booked directly into your calendar,


Letterhead templates,
Logos and artwork,
1000 Full colour business cards,
Quotation templates to print quotes,
Invoice templates to print invoices,
30 Printed workcover approved hi-visibility �t� shirts,
Pricing templates for price book,
Display book template for onsite quotations,
10 full colour coreflute site signs 450mm x 300mm.

Backup and Support

Design and estimation service, accessed through our website www.alldayfencing.com.au .
Discounts on workwear, stationary and supplies,
Free advice on legal matters relating to fencing,
Back-up phone support for website and online calendar (9am to 5pm Mon-Fri).
24 hour online back-up support for website issues,
Free onsite training if required in Sydney.


Becoming a franchisee of All Day Fencing automatically includes a 12 month membership. Membership benefits entitle the franchisee and family to take advantage of future awards and prizes, trade shows, promotions, plus other discounts and benefits as offered by All Day Fencing.

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How much does it cost?

Full cost including dedicated trading region $11,999

All Day Fencing are offering the first three franchises for a strictly limited introductory price.



Purchase Cost: $3,999.00 RRP $11,999 (plus GST)

Running Costs: Weekly Fee's $74.95 (paid monthly, plus GST) FREE for the first 4 weeks.

Annual Membership Fee: $ 264.00 (one year FREE membership)

Minimum Term: 12 Months

*All Day Fencing reserve the right to change this offer at any time without notice.


When you become an All Day Fencing franchisee you receive the following;

Exclusive use of business name for a designated local area,
Business implementation system,
Business management and expansion plan,
Receptionist and message service,
500 Full colour business cards,
Logos and designs,
Top 10 ranked Website,
Internet advertising,
1300 number (1300 6 FENCE),
Quote and invoice templates ,
Fence design book templates,
Cost book and pricelist templates,
10 printed workcover approved Hi-Vis T Shirts,
10 colour coreflute site signs,
Material order lists and suppliers.


Weekly running costs cover;

Receptionist services,
Message service via email � up to 5 emails per day,
1300 number - up to 5 calls per day,
Calendar management � up to 5 free booking per day,
Product and price upgrades � unlimited,
Internet advertising - unlimited,

Extra charges if applicable;

Calls over 5 per day $ 2.20 each
Emails messages over 5 per day $ 0.95 each
Bookings over 5 per day $ 2.20 each
1300 calls over 20 per week $ 1.65 each

Extra products available to help with the promotion of your business;

With our combined buying power we can provide many products such as workcover approved hi-vis workshirts, printing and stationary needs, designs and product books and soon discounts on insurance and trade membership fees!

(prices exclusive of GST, postage costs)

Double sided full gloss business cards $ 79.90 per 500
Hi-visibility work shirts $ 24 each or 10 for $225
Site signs 450mm x 300mm coreflute $ 30 each or 10 for $275
Product display books, printed and bound $ 24 each
Product pricelist books $ 12.70 each
Quote or Invoice Books, 5 books, 50 sets per book, carbonless, 1 colour $ 286.40

How Much Can I Earn?

With this system it is possible to run 4 or more jobs at the same time, (as most of the project sourcing and customer qualification is done before you make contact with the client), and only work 4 or less hours a day! Through our exclusive booking system and extensive advertising, approved jobs snowball as every job leads to two more!

With an All Day Fencing franchise, the office side of your business is managed in a professional manner, leaving you time to manage the projects and make the profits.

To receive information on expected turnover and profit please fill out and submit the form below to register your interest.

All Day Fencing Franchise Application

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All Day Fencing Franchise

How Does It Work?

Limited Introductory Offer

Your personal secretary answers your phones and manages your calendar bookings

The receptionist screens callers for suitability, provides information on design and estimates, and enters the job or quote bookings into your live calendar, - Just as your personal secretary would, at a fraction of the cost!

Online jobs received from our automated quote form system, are booked electronically into the next available week in your calendar and the work order is sent to your email address

Job bookings and messages received from online enquiries are sent to your email address and can be accessed through any computer!

Keep your business mobile!

Your business never closes with our 24 hour web service. After hours callers are directed to the website to estimate their own job and are prompted to complete a quote order form, which is then emailed to you automatically, including all the job details. No more overtime!

Keep your business mobile!

Your daily calendar schedule is sent to your mobile phone as an email message every morning around 5:30am. New bookings and quotes are automatically sent to your mobile phone by SMS or email.

The paperless office!

All forms, booklets and pricelist templates, including logos and artwork, are sent to your email address. All forms can be printed on your home computer or simply forwarded electronically!

The Office!

With our system your whole business can be run from your mobile phone and a home based computer. Increase your income, increase your freedom and make your business work for you, not you for your business!


Simple and easy to use

No more interrupting calls during work

Professional office back-up with receptionist

Never miss a work call again

Proven and tried product range

Easy to quote systems and forms

Huge ongoing demand

Great cash flow, large profits!

Find your nearest branch

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"The receptionist screens callers for suitability, provides information on design and estimates, and enters the job or quote bookings into your live calendar, - Just as your personal secretary would, at a fraction of the cost!"