Delivery charges

These charges are based on taxi truck delivery of fence and capping repair kits, and the price may vary depending on the quantity required.

Sydney Metropolitan Area

0 to 5 kilometres from  CBD       $35.00
5 to 10 kilometres from CBD      $39.50
10 to 15 kilometres from CBD    $44.20
15 to 20 kilometres from CBD    $55.00
20 to 25 kilometres from CBD    $71.60

North Coast NSW

Gosford                                       $96.90
Central Coast                              $118.20
Newcastle                                   $112.00

South Coast NSW

Wollongong                                 $112.00

Blue Mountains NSW

Springwood                                  $92.00
Mount Victoria                              $132.00


Canberra                                       $145.00

For areas not mentioned above, click on the link below for a free delivery quotation.

*NOTE All Day Fencing reserve the right to amend these prices at any time without notice.


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