Traditional Handpacked Brushwood Fencing

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Prices range from $211.60 per metre plus GST for an 1800mm high brush fence with gal steel frame and brush roll top and post rolls, subject to site conditions, access, location, extent of work, gates and openings etc.
To prolong the life of a brushwood fence it is advised not to have the brush in constant contact with soil. A treated pine or concrete plinth should be used to seperate the brush from the ground in certain situations. A treated pine plinth constructed from 150mm x 75mm split log, can be installed at a cost of $14.00 per metre. Concrete plinths require an onsite measure and quotation.The art of handpacked brushwood fencing is a labour intensive skill that requires suitable access to both sides of the fence for the best results. An average 20m fence can take four days to complete and will require a large amount of material. For this reason fences with difficult access may attract an extra charge to cover the extra time in installation. BRUSH GATES AND ACCESSORIES


In conjunction with new work $615 including GST
Create opening including cutting base and supply and set gate posts $1208 including GST

In conjunction with new work $1680 including GST
By themselves including supply and set posts $2640 including GST











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