Automatic Boom Gates

Automatic Boom Gates

Automatic Boom Gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private apartments, unit developments, even when the traffic is heavy.

They are made of a motor body and control unit, protected by a case with different finishes, in particular in stainless steel for applications in critical environment conditions, like heavy traffic areas or near the sea.

All Day Fencing supply and install automatic boom gate systems to most areas. NICE(C) automation combines superior safety features, high security, ease of installation and ease of use! Most importantly, NICE Motor products and servicing are available Australia wide.

View our automatic access designs here

The NICE RobusKit Boom Gate electromechanical gear motors are strong, quiet and long lasting. Automatic Boom motors are available in sizes from small residential gates to large commercial applications and are suitable for gates up to 2000kg in weight and 6m in length. NICE automatic motors offer the security of accessing your property in total freedom, by meeting the desire of comfort with practical products and an emotional design.

Automatic Boom Gate Motors can be purchased at… online shop.

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