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Estimate a Lattice Fence or Screen

Latice fences are calculated by the panel. Panel sizes and costs are displayed on the 'lattice fencing and screens' page.

Lattice fences can be supported by (hidden) galvanised steel posts, or feature decorative timber posts. The cost per post should be added to cost of the panels to estimate a cost. The length of the posts required is 600mm longer than the height of the fence. If your fence is stepped, (not level) the height of each step should be added to the length of each fence post.

Lattice Fence Top Screen

Lattice fence top screens come in three framed panels, the common sizes are 300mm, 600mm or 900mm high. Two different lattice designs, (horizontal/vertical or diagonal) are available. All Day Fencing supply and install custom made lattice panels to suit any style, use or situation.

To calculate the cost of a 'lattice fence top screen', simply multiply the length required, (to the nearest 100mm) by the per metre cost shown.

Lattice screens can be constructed to nearly any shape or size and make excellent privacy screens and decorative garden fencing.

Guide to post footing design
Rock 300mm 1 Bag per hole (20kg bag)
Clay/Firm Earth 600mm 2 Bags per hole (20kg bags)
Sand/Loose Fill 900mm 3 Bags per hole (20kg bags)
Post lengths will increase accordingly to cater for these ground conditions

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